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"It was the scariest night of my life" Teen survives nearly 10 hours at sea

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A Bossier City mother is counting her blessings after her 19-year-old son survived nearly 10 hours at sea.

"It was the scariest night of my life," said Janice Spataro.

Spataro says her son Blake was pulled out of the ocean Wednesday night by a riptide. In a Facebook post, she said he swam for almost 10 hours until he made it to shore.

He was reportedly vacationing on St. Simon's Island in Georgia.  

 "Until 5:22 yesterday morning I didn't know if he was in the ocean, or if he was on land and no one knew exactly where he was," said Spataro. 

He went missing on Tuesday, July 10.

"Please I am asking for prayers for my 19-year-old son Blake who took a walk down the beach in Brunswick, Georgia and never came back with the rest of the kids," Spataro wrote on Facebook. "He has been missing for about three hours now. The Coast Guard, Sheriff, Police, and community are all looking for him."

Several hours later, Spataro says it was by the grace of God that Blake was found and reunited with his father.

"He said I knew there was a chance I could possibly die, so I prayed to God and I left it up to God and I just started swimming, and he said at one point he wanted to give up, and then he turned back over and started swimming and he said he saw a coast guard light flashing on the boat and he said that gave him the determination to keep on swimming."

"He said he could see all the search team flying above him, and he waved at them, but they could not see him. He finally made it to shore on the other side of the island," said Spataro.

Located more than 13 hours away from the sight of Blake's disappearance, Spataro says she believes God heard her prayers and his.

"He heard my prayers, he heard Blake's prayers, he heard his daddy's prayers, because as soon as I heard he was missing I went to Facebook to ask for people's prayers because I know there's power in prayer."

It was a request to the man above that was asked and answered.

"He called me and he said hey mom I'm alive, and I said what? I'm alive. and I said 'thank god."

Blake is currently on his way home to run into his mother's arms.

He is expected to return Thursday night.

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