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As hurricane season rolls on, what areas mostly generate tropical development?

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We are a little over a month into the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season and the first hurricane of the season was born early Friday, July 6th.

Beryl, at the time of this writing, has top winds of 80 mph and may become a category 2 hurricane with at least 100 mph winds before it makes landfall in the Lesser Antilles over the weekend.

After it makes landfall there it will probably weaken to tropical storm status but could still pack a punch.

Of course, Tropical Storm Alberto was the first storm of the season back in May just before the start of the 2018 hurricane season. 

As you can see in this satellite graphic, Beryl is a compact hurricane in the bottom center.

There is another system shown in the upper left corner of the graphic a few hundred miles southeast of the North Carolina coast that is in an environment that is conducive for fairly quick development into a tropical system.

If it develops into a tropical storm — it would be Chris.

Normally, in August, tropical systems tend to develop in the Gulf of Mexico all the way down into the bay of Campeche. The movement can be to the northwest, north or to the northeast.

This is certainly a big threat to the U.S. Gulf coast.

As we move a bit later in the summer, tropical systems most often form in the western Caribbean and tend to move between Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula into the Gulf of Mexico. This would be another threat to the U.S. Gulf coast.

As we move even later into the hurricane season, the tendency for tropical development shifts farther east into the Atlantic Ocean.

Sometimes the movement will take a path into the western Caribbean but more often the path keeps it in the Atlantic. Sometime the path may be near or on the U.S. east coast which is a huge concern.

The best scenario, though, is a path that takes a northward turn then northeast into the open Atlantic.

It is prudent to know that there are the rare times that tropical systems can stymie our best calculations and do something a bit different.

In any case, those who are in in the path of a tropical system and are told to prepare for a tropical storm or hurricane, or even worse, told to evacuate, should take the warning in the most serious sense.

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