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Bitterly cold air and dangerous wind chills to start 2018

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By the start of 2018, it's going to feel like we live in the ArcticTex, not the ArkLaTex.

Colder air will continue to surge into the area on Sunday and set us up for some of the coldest temperatures in several years.

There will be a prolong period of time where temperatures don't warm above freezing. In fact, most of our area will spend the first 60 hours of 2018 near or below freezing. Temperatures will drop below freezing Sunday evening and will not warm well above freezing until midday Wednesday.

If you're going to be out and about to ring in the new year, you are going to need to bundle up! You're will need more than just your winter coat. Take your gloves, hat and scarf. You want to wear as many layers as possible. By midnight, temperatures will be in the mid to upper 20s. Wind chills will be in the teens area wide.

A Hard Freeze Warning will be in effect for the entire area tonight. Overnight lows will be in the teens and 20s.

With temperatures this cold, we need to make sure to protect the 4 P's: people, pets, pipes and plants. Before you go to bed tonight, make sure to wrap or insulate any exposed pipes. This is the type of weather you would want to let your faucets drip especially if it is connected to an exterior wall. Also, open up your cabinets below the sink to help circulate the air.

The combination of temperatures in the teens and 20s and a north wind at 10-15 mph will put wind chills in the single-digits by Monday morning. A Wind Chill Advisory will be in effect for the entire area from 10PM Sunday to 12PM Monday. Dangerous wind chills will be possible. This will increase the risk of frostbite and hypothermia. Try to limit your time outside tonight through Monday morning. If you have to go outside, make sure to cover up as much exposed skin as possible.

It looks like the cold is going to stick around for the first couple days of 2018. Lows Monday night and Tuesday night will be in the teens. We definitely need to take this cold snap seriously.


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