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VIDEO: Volunteers from La. help rescue young deer trapped in Harvey flood waters

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While in Texas assisting Hurricane Harvey flood victims, two cousins from Louisiana helped rescue a young deer trapped in deep flood waters.

On last week, a group from the Tangipahoa and St. Tammany area gathered donations and took them to devastated areas of Texas hit by Hurricane Harvey.

While in Vidor, one of the hardest hit areas, cousins Jimmy and Kyle McGovren, both from Hammond, came across a young deer that was in deep water and very tired of fighting to survive.

Jimmy says the fawn was full of ants and couldn't find anyway to get out of the water.

When they noticed the trapped deer, the two went over a fence and got close enough in the boat. Jimmy was able to grab him gently behind the head until he later could secure his feet.

While trying to find a spot to drop off the young buck, the duo saw a large hill with grass and trees a few hundred yards away, and knew it would be a great spot to leave him. They said they couldn't take the fawn back to the boat launching area because everyone had to focus on getting people out first.

Once the boat pulled up to the hill another deer was standing there, which Jimmy and Kyle believed to be the mother of the fawn. The female deer ran around behind the hill to hide when she saw Jimmy help the young deer get out of the boat.

The pair released the fawn and quickly left so they wouldn’t scare either deer back into the deep water. Once they got about 150 yards away and looked back, both deer were standing on top of the hill together watching as the pair drove away in their boat.

Kyle did the recording and drove the boat, while Jimmy handled the rescue.

The two say they are both avid outdoorsmen and love to fish and hunt. “We will do our best to preserve wildlife so that the hunting tradition can continue,” Jimmy says.

The McGovren’s and the group from Tangipahoa and St. Tammy are just a few of the many groups and individuals from Louisiana lending a helping hand for the Houston area in the wakes of Hurricane Harvey.

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