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Popular scams and rumors about Harvey put to rest

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FEMA is warning people about what they say is bad information circulating across social media in regards to Harvey relief programs. 

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is refuting the rumors and shedding light on the scams. 

Here's a list of some popular rumors and scams:


  • Texas residents are being told via Robo-call their flood premiums are past due. In order to have coverage for Harvey, they need to submit a payment immediately to a website. THIS IS A SCAM. 
    • Officials say if your payment is past due, the insurance company will send you several pieces of mail before the policy expires.
  • There are rumors undocumented immigrants cannot go to a shelter because they will be reported. THIS IS FALSE. 
    • U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has stated they are not conducting immigration enforcement at relief sites or food banks.


  • There are reports that people must file a flood insurance claim before Friday, Sept. 1 because of a new Texas law. THIS IS FALSE.
    • Texas State “House Bill 1774,” passed by the 85th Texas Legislature does not affect flood insurance policies or claims.
  • Reports claim FEMA charges for services such as damage inspections or contractor repairs. THIS IS A SCAM.

For more information on these scams and rumors, click here.

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